Whether you've struggled to  get started running before, or just want to know  how to stay motivated once you
have started - now you can...

"Everything You Need To Know To Start (And Keep On) Running "

Even if you're a complete novice starting from scratch


From:  Steve Stapleton
Subject: Taking that first step to becoming a "runner"
Are you new to running, or have you made the attempt but not got beyond the first week of staying commited to your new regime?

Or worse still - are you demotivated everytime you overhear other runners discussing their distances, routines, maximum heart rates, or how much they spent on their new running shoes?

The truth is, all runners have been where you are now  - and with the right guidance and mindset, you can be where they are sooner than you think!

Every beginner to running has worries and questions, but every runner began with that first step. Every sucessful  runner, however, also has a goal and a plan to help them achieve that goal.

The problem with most beginners is that they never stop to plan their running, or set any goals or targets, or even do any research at all. After all, we've all run to some extent in our lives, haven't we, so surely it's pretty simple?

But sadly, most newcomers to running give up withing two weeks  because:

  • They're too busy
  • They're too tired
  • The weather's too bad
  • It's too dark in the evenings
  • There's no motivation
  • They don't want to be seen
  • Any combination of the above
and once the excuses have been made, it's very difficult to get started again.

There are countless others just like you, who have decided that, for whatever reason, running would be a great hobby, only to struggle with it after the initial enthusiasm wears off.

Surely there must be a simple solution to your problem?

After all, you've seen loads of people from all walks of life running, you've read about it on the web, overheard others discussing it in the office, in fact, you probably can't escape people telling you how great they feel since they took up running. (You know how it is - it's a bit like when you get a new car; suddenly, everywhere you look you see the same car as yours!). So what does it take to get you running (and keep you running)?


HeadPaint Cover

The solution you've been hoping you'd find one day, has finally found you!

This simple guide I have written will break down the running fundamentals and fill you in on the important details that you need to know if you want to feel the benefits of running.

Here is an ebook that will finally explain - in everyday language - not only how to get started running, but how to keep motivated and how to set and achieve your personal goals.

After reading "Running For Beginners"

  • tickYou'll know which of the many benefits of running are your motivators
  • tickYou'll have a plan of action to start running - and know you will carry on!
  • tickYou'll have a running program to keep you on track
  • tickAnd you'll be lacing your shoes up and setting off with a new found passion to move forward.
  • tickAnd most of all...you'll be enjoying running for all the best reasons

Just imagine, two weeks into your program and you can't wait to get going and see how much of an improvement you can accomplish this week.

Wouldn't that be better than being too exhausted to go for a run, or realising that you've been saying "I'll run later" for the past week?

Well, are you ready to get started? Are you ready to break through your own personal barriers and start to feel the benefits of -

  • tickKeeping fit
  • tickLosing weight
  • tickRelieving stress
  • tickImproving your bone strength
  • tickBeing generally happier
  • tickImproved heart health
  • tickBetter sleep patterns
  • tickMore "brain power"

You can get instant access to "Running For Beginners" today and to ensure everyone has the opportunity to discover their route to a healthier and happier life, it won't be the $27, $47 or higher price that you may be expecting! 

The price today is only $9.97

And by tomorrow you'll be writing and setting goals, you'll start running with a positive mental attitude and you'll be thinking about how you'll feel in 8 weeks time when you've run your first, full 30 minute routine.

To get your instant download use the button below, and start to understand why you've been struggling to get going - and to take the first step towards your success.

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Free With Your Order
8 Week Logbook

Ask any sucessful runner and they'll tell you that one of the key ingredients to staying on course and motivated is to keep a log.

Well, here's a basic 8 week logbook for you to download and print out.

It's got the 8 week basic course already listed out for you - so you'll know what you should be doing each day of your program - and a space each day for you to record important details.

Plus it's got weekly training tips to help you maintain your momentum.

You can spend around $27 on a training log, but this will be all you need for that all important first 8 weeks.


7 Steps ecourse
Free with Your Order
4 iphone App Tutorials

If you don't want all the hassle of keeping a physical record of your progress, keeping track of your fitness electronically has never been easier. 

With today's variety of running / jogging mobile apps available, you can stay motivated, accountable and moving toward your goals. 

This report contains tutorials of 4 of the most popular running apps.:

  • Nike+ GPS
  • MapMyRun
  • RunMeter GPS
  • Zombies, RUN!

I'd normally sell these at $7 each, but they're free with your "Running for Beginners" order.

Start your new running campaign today!

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To Your Future Success, with all things          
Steve Stapleton

P.S.  I just know you'll benefit greatly, as have others who've invested the time to read and apply what's in this guide and bonuses.

And I'm so confident, I'm happy to give a 60 day unconditional risk-free guarantee - so you'll have enough time to complete the full 8 week program and still  be under guarantee.

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(The product is in digital format, a PDF and is Zipped, You will require Winzip or Winrar and a pdf reader)

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